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Westmere Bungalow – HVAC


For this project we modified an existing multi system, moving one unit into another room and installing an additional unit.


When it comes to installing heat pumps, a lot of companies are only interested in the easy jobs…installing a heat pump and calling it a day.

In contrast, if you have a more complicated system that requires modifications and additions, finding someone who can take on the job can be nearly impossible.

Your project may require calculations and careful planning to ensure everything runs smoothly. And let’s face it, sloppy installations can lead to expensive problems down the road.


That’s why we take pride in attention to detail. Our experienced technicians will not only get the job done right but will also make sure your system is built to last with quality fittings and tidy capping techniques.

Our satisfied clients can attest to our commitment to excellence, even with the most technical jobs.

Got a difficult heating or cooling challenge? You can trust our experienced professionals to handle this for you.

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