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Frontline Electrical

About Frontline Electrical

Specialist Commercial Air Conditioning Company

Frontline Electrical is led by Luke Garbutt, a 25-year veteran of the electrical and HVAC industries. Our team has considerable experience in designing and installing Commercial Air Conditioning systems. We are the contractor of choice for many small and large commercial projects, including Westfield malls. Additionally, we have certified, registered electricians and apprentices who adhere to OSH regulations, are members of Site Safe, and are trained on elevated work platforms. Our professionalism and quality are a testament to our excellence.

Best Quality Air Conditioning Systems

  • Office air conditioning
  • Retail air conditioning
  • School air conditioning
  • Large commercial air conditioning

In order for your customers and staff to be comfortable, good air conditioning is crucial. That’s why our preferred brands are Daikin and Mitsubishi. With an impeccable reputation, these brands continue to thrive for a reason: they work efficiently for a long time. If something does go wrong, there’s a good supply of easily sourced parts for these brands, so we’ll be able to get your system back up and running quickly.

While lower-cost air conditioning systems are available, we would not recommend them. Low-cost systems can lose productivity, result in poor air quality, and require costly repairs.

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End-To-End Air Conditioning Service

Tailored Air Conditioning System Design

Designing an HVAC system perfectly suited to each building’s requirements ensures maximum comfort and energy efficiency. To ensure your system is fit for purpose, our team takes into account all relevant factors, including:

  • Building insulation
  • Window sizing
  • Space utilisation, and
  • Occupant density

Creating a comfortable and energy-efficient environment also involves considering factors like access points and installing air curtains to stop energy loss. With over ten years’ of experience, our Auckland HVAC company knows what to consider when designing an optimal HVAC system.

Whether you are setting up new premises, updating an existing system, or refurbishing an old one, our promise is a compliant, high-quality HVAC solution that delivers on comfort and performance.

Air Conditioning System Installation Auckland

The Frontline Electrical team of experienced technicians pride themselves on fast, tidy installations of air conditioning systems to tight schedules. We understand the importance of getting a job done right, on time, and to your satisfaction. All our electricians are MIT-qualified and understand our brands inside and out. With more than 90% of our business being word-of-mouth referrals or repeat businesses, you can be sure that our reputation for professionalism is well-earned.

Service and Repairs

We don’t just install air conditioning systems, we also provide servicing and repairs. With our comprehensive maintenance schedules, your system will continue humming, keeping your space comfortable.

Our supplier brands have readily available replacement parts, so we can restore peak performance quickly if there is a problem with your system.

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Where We Work

Frontline Electrical provides commercial electrical and air conditioning services to the North Shore and Greater Auckland area including: 

Why A Good Air Conditioning System is Important

An air conditioning system plays a crucial role in creating a comfortable and productive working environment in commercial spaces.

Temperature Control

Auckland's weather can be unpredictable, with hot, muggy summers and cool winters. An air conditioning system helps regulate the indoor temperature, ensuring that the office or workspace remains comfortable throughout the year. Maintaining a consistent temperature not only enhances productivity but also helps to prevent heat-related illnesses and discomfort.

Improved Air Quality

Commercial spaces can often become crowded, leading to poor indoor air quality. This can result in dust, allergens, and pollutants circulating in the air, which can impact the health and well-being of employees and customers. An air conditioning system helps filter and purify the air, ensuring a healthier and cleaner environment.

Increased Productivity

A comfortable working environment directly affects the productivity of employees. Employees working in hot and humid conditions can become lethargic, lose focus, and feel fatigued. On the other hand, a well-maintained workplace or office air conditioning system creates an optimal environment, improving concentration, alertness, and overall productivity.

Equipment Protection

Many commercial spaces house valuable and sensitive equipment such as servers, computers, and machinery. Excessive heat and humidity can damage this equipment, leading to costly repairs or replacements. An air conditioning system helps maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels, protecting valuable equipment from overheating and malfunctioning.