Frontline Electrical Case Studies

Ponsonby Doctors


Electrical fit-outs for medical facilities require exacting standards, especially when dealing with different parties’ specifications.

As part of this project, we were responsible for designing lighting and power requirements, including areas that had to be fully body-projected and meet specific X-ray machine requirements. This fit-out also required a custom X-ray cabinet that could handle a great deal of power for a short period of time.

It’s not just about the technical aspects either – there are also logistical challenges to overcome, like working around fire cells and appeasing noise-sensitive neighbours.


Frontline Electrical is a team of credible professionals who not only understand design and power requirements, but also take care of the compliance and testing process.

We work closely with your IT team to ensure all needs are met. And when it comes time for commissioning, we tick all the boxes to ensure your third-party verifications run smoothly.

But we provide more than just technical expertise; we also come up with ideas to deliver the wow factor. Check out these custom hanging lights.

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